Entry #1

Plans for this 2018 in Newgrounds :D

2018-01-18 17:03:00 by JAFZ3D

¡Hey hey hey, hello all world!

This community always welcomed me with open arms, this 2018 will revive here, and I will do all kinds of projects for all of you. :D


  • I plan to make several animations, both comedy and violence, but the only thing I need, is your support as actor voices, the credit will be given to you for it. and we will all be happy... hahaha.

​(I'm also available if you want help in some animations, but I'll be super present if you invite me to collabs).


  • I will give all kinds of drawings, be it a character design for a project, a drawing of support for an animation, whatever it is, everything will be useful as a practice in improving my drawing style.

(Today I wake up wanting to draw the first thing I see on Instagram, here is the result). ''The small image belongs to Seuriss, the design giant was made by my haha''.


''Postscript: I'm JAFZ3D here, but on Instagram I'm known as TheApple98 haha''


and that was only what I wanted to tell you, I hope I can help you this year in the productive and in the sense of doing what we are passionate about haha have good afternoon. :D



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