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Plans for this 2018 in Newgrounds :D

Posted by JAFZ3D - January 18th, 2018

¡Hey hey hey, hello all world!

This community always welcomed me with open arms, this 2018 will revive here, and I will do all kinds of projects for all of you. :D


  • I plan to make several animations, both comedy and violence, but the only thing I need, is your support as actor voices, the credit will be given to you for it. and we will all be happy... hahaha.

​(I'm also available if you want help in some animations, but I'll be super present if you invite me to collabs).


  • I will give all kinds of drawings, be it a character design for a project, a drawing of support for an animation, whatever it is, everything will be useful as a practice in improving my drawing style.

(Today I wake up wanting to draw the first thing I see on Instagram, here is the result). ''The small image belongs to Seuriss, the design giant was made by my haha''.


''Postscript: I'm JAFZ3D here, but on Instagram I'm known as TheApple98 haha''


and that was only what I wanted to tell you, I hope I can help you this year in the productive and in the sense of doing what we are passionate about haha have good afternoon. :D



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Sounds like a good plan for a good year! :) Wonder what the story is behind your new name, if there is any? Big Apple fan? Would be happy to offer my somewhat amateur voice acting skills if you need 'em btw, been thinking of giving that a better shot this year so just let me know if there's any roles (no matter how minor) that'd fit! May all days be brimming with creative endeavors and good things 2018! :D

my name apple is by my name '' Abel '' that they on almost equal hahahahaha
I am currently only studying and drawing sometimes, but in my free time I do an animation for a friend, for his birthday (in a month)
and thank you very much, for wanting to be an actor voice, I will start doing some script so we can work together haha

Ah well that makes sense, though didn't expect it. XD Witty transformation! Cool, looking forward to the opportunity then; hope I'll qualify! There's a lot of good competition around too.

do not worry hahaha it is about making projects for the community with people with the same feeling, your call means too much haha

Good to hear. :)

^^ !